habiba sugich
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Reimagining the future vision and holistic overhaul of the entire Sprint customer experience, across 11 omnichannels overlooking hundreds of stores, thousands of employees, and millions of customers. 

Video password: sprintxfjord

After extensive user research, participant observation, stakeholder interviews, and competitive research and analysis, we distilled  our findings and presented transformational insights and outlined next steps to the CEO and Executive Suite at Sprint. 

After presenting our research and insights, we conducted a 2-day Rumble with Sprint C-Suite and leadership to derive knowledge and participation with our stakeholders as well as test, validate, and gain insight on our personas and current state journey. 

Video password: sprintxfjord

We then synthesized our findings and came up with over 30 concepts that we then infused into a concept book, four comprehensive user journeys with our personas, and a future state blueprint.